What is in the surrounding :

Ibsen’s Childhood home in Skien (the small farm of Venstøp), is the place the world famous dramatist Henrik Ibsen lived from the age of 7 to 15. A museum for those who want something out of the ordinary. About 45 min. from the senter of Drangedal.
Playgrounds/activity parks:
The Himalaya Park in Skien is Norway’s largest outdoor climbing park. The park has 74 different climbing routes averages over 6 trails between the trees in the forest. Minilaya, for the children. Located 40 min. from the senter of Drangedal.

Vemork – Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum in Rjukan. The Rjukan Waterfall provided the basis for building the world’s largest power station. This is now a museum where you can learn about the fantastic adventure of its founding and see exhipitions on industrial developement i Norway. About 2,5 hours from the senter of Drangedal.

Pipo Indoor Kid’s Playground in Treungen. Indoor activities, full of challenges for children till 14 yrs. Also different outdoor activities. About 40 min. from the senter of Drangedal.

Eventyrfabrikken is Norways largest indoor playground, with slides, tunnels, climbing towers etc. in safe surroundings. Located in Skien, 45 min. from the senter of Drangedal.

Tours and Safaris:
The Telemark canal is a 105.kilometres long watercourse taking you from Skien to Dalen. Nostalgic and elegant boats allow you to experience cultural history, bustling crowds and a constantly changing landscape. The canal is one of the most beautyful waterways in Europe, and still remains almost as it was over one hundred years ago.

Bø Sommarland, Scandinavias biggest waterpark, with more than 20 different pools og slides. There are also different dry attractions. About 45 min. from the senter of Drangedal.

Skien fritidspark is a new indoor waterpark with pools, slides, therapi pool saunas etc. Located 45 min. from the senter of Drangedal.

Water Park, Quality Hotel & Resort Skjærgården is a large indoor and outdoor park with pools, waterslides, steambath etc. 1 hour from the senter of Drangedal.